Saturday, May 28, 2011

Potato Potato Potato

Part of a group project. I did the 1sec. intro
...doubled in backwards motion...

The Walk Cycle

Basic walk cycle.
Starts with skeleton walk, then one with a cartoon me & background.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Face Animated

Here's me blinking, moving my eyes, turning my head, and opening my mouth....pretty basic, I think it speaks for itself.

Nightmare of the Fall

Here's my 3rd Flash project. Essentially a leaf drop, but I wanted it to look kind of spooky. I found a really great tree to work off of, which gave me some great ideas.

The Brick Suicides

Here's my 2nd Flash Project. My goal was the make that brick really look like it had weight, and smack it right into the ground.

The Ball Bounce

Here's my 1st Flash movie! Not so great, I know - but I'm happy with it. Does it look like realistic bouncing to you???

Multiple Me's

the derelict
the fool


forest creature

mad scientist

My Fav! Vampire

vampire inked

me as a "male" Star Wars jedi

Me as a Peanuts Gang character. Super CUTE!

Hundred Year Old Me

One of my favorite charicatures

Me as a Simpsons character

Me with Betty Boop style

Frank, not me, lol.

Me as a Super Hero

Here's a pencil version

My face on objects. I love pillows, and I love sleeping, so naturally, I must be a pillow!

Some faces for practice...

Frank as a BUG. Ewe...

Hmm. I think this my my UPA style self.
 I went to the SF Cartoon Art Museum - Found some really great cartoon drawings!
The funiest and cutest sad old man.

Myself as anime

Pencil Version

Myself as a Pirate!

Me as on Old West bar maid/wench

Pencil pirate me...